Crescendo Placement

I know, I know … yet another post from me this month. Is this the correct way to notate crescendos? I’ve been looking through scores and it seems like conventional notation is that the crescendo should not be going past the bar line here. I’ve checked the engraving options and nothing seems to be fixing this (and also the gradual dynamics are set to default). This file also is not an imported xml; this was created natively in Dorico.

Also, why is the crescendo placement at the barline inconsistently? The gap between the crescendo/mf and crescendo/ff is not the same (and I prefer the ff distance)?

There’s a property for the crescendo barline interaction in the lower panel.

And of course, there’s the same option, in Engraving option (although a little bit buried deep inside Advanced options) :

This is for Dorico Pro.


Thank you!

And, I knew it, but I couldn’t recall where it was!!

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