Crescendos in 1st 2nd Ending

I have a section that is repeated 3 times. The 1st and 2nd ending are the same except that it has a decrescendo the 1st time and crescendo the 2nd. It there a way to enter in both a > and a < under the same note with a notation?
Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 4.52.55 PM

It is possible if one adds the second hairpin one grid-unit later (and expands it with the spacebar). Afterwards, one can shift it left with ALT/OPT + Left Arrow to start at the same grid position as the first hairpin.

I found it useful to enter the lower hairpin first and then move it downward in Engrave mode before entering the higher hairpin.

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Wouldn’t it be easier just to separate the two endings? After all the bars are different!

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