Critical Bug in VCA Automation


  • VCA fader controls volume of several tracks comprising a section of music composed to edits in a video
  • VCA fader is automated from 0dB to -inf to mute music during certain parts of the video
  • Playhead scrolls across area of -inf automation, corresponding faders slide to -inf
  • Playback is paused
  • one of the following edits is made in the Project window: FOLDER events copy/paste, FOLDER event movement, track add/remove, or track routing is changed in the mixer (basically anything that would cause Cubase playback to hitch for a split second during normal operation).


  • VCA fader’s attached track faders pinned to -inf permanently
  • No response from track faders to VCA automation back to 0dB
  • No response from track faders to VCA manual movement
  • All relevant faders now live at -inf


  • Mix balance completely f***ed

Temporary Solution:

  • Track faders with automation already assigned can have R toggled, may go back to proper level. May not.
  • Save scum
  • Redo mix balance

This issue has cost me hours and hours of work and made my last project a living hell. Please, God. Please fix this. I beg you. :neutral_face: