Critical BUG with new DOP feature - see video

Something’s wrong with this new feature which makes it awfully dangerous to work with.

In this example I cut out a piece of audio - pitch shifted it and decided I didn’t like it. It shifted the audio and messed up the timing and deleted a portion of the audio!!! though I removed all processing - even hitting CMD Z numerous times didn’t help.

For now the feature is broken somehow and I can only advice people to NOT use it on events cut out from a larger file but bounce the event as a separate file before applying any DOP.

Strange how something that crucial hasn’t been caught in testing.

update: I then tried to rescue the file by cutting it with the scissor tool to try and drag it from the event after - somehow that brought things back to normal

Here’s another video documenting the process:

Just tried it with me bouncing the part as a separate file first - then it worked as expected. So maybe the bug is centered around DOP parts of events of larger files?

Here’s another - thanks for ruining my huge e-learning project by applying pitch shift to a couple of small parts.

Steinberg . are you awake?

I have 300 or so instances of one sound in a song, applying a pitch shift with new tools has resulted in thousands upon thousands of garbage files being created. Lost time, crashed projects, what a nightmare! It’s rendering 48,000 files right now.

Omg :open_mouth:

That is actually the correct process for this example.

I loved, and relied on the utility of the old dialog experience for applying pitch changes to audio on demand. The old behavior of being able to process in place or as a new file was simple and fool proof.

As someone who’s used Cubase for over 10 years to compose and produce, the new DOP feature seems like it’s been designed to scale for automation and big studio production. Does not seem like something that would appeal to musicians. Why not make it a standalone feature in a different menu or at least a checkbox for “Use advanced mode” in preferences so it’s not forced on everyone who wants to change the pitch of a single sound in a straightforward manner?