Critical editions

I couldn’t find this question in the previous topics, so here it is: what about the support to critical editions?

I mean: will Dorico support round, square and angular (<>) brackets around notes, group of notes, ties, slurs, accidentals, without maintaining their relationship and position relative to the bracketed item? (it’s something Sibelius doesn’t handle well)
And will be everything correctly and automatically spaced?

  1. Dotted lines and slurs/ties.

  2. Upper-half brackets (they are currently used for marking a “con la parte” passages the editor writes out: at the start and the end of the passage)

  3. Smaller accidentals above the note, as opposed to the left of the note, to denote an editorial accidental? Will it be considered while playing?

  4. Different fonts for dynamics marking? E.g. Normal F for forte if the marking is in the autograph, a different font if it’s found in a author-edited edition, yet another font if it’s in a manuscript copy, etc.

Thank you in advance.

The goal is certainly to support all of the necessary kinds of annotations required to produce critical editions easily in Dorico. We won’t have all of the things you will need in the first version, but we plan to get there over time.

We already have dashed slurs and dashed ties, even including half-dashed (i.e. solid at one end, and dashed at the other), and also editorial dashes for slurs halfway along their length.

We plan to have parenthesised and bracketed accidentals and noteheads, but this isn’t yet implemented. Accidentals drawn above the note rather than to the left of the note is probably a little further in the future.

Dynamics showing a different font will be a bit trickier with things as they stand, as dynamics are automatically formatted and therefore automatically use a specific set of characters from Bravura. You would be able to put text in using different fonts that look like dynamics, but at the moment changing the fonts used by individual dynamics is not supported.

Any word/progress on parenthesised noteheads Daniel? Cue-sized notes are also much anticipated by me for percussion—I usually find parenthesised normal noteheads a bit too large (and therefore distracting) for ghost-notes, which are meant to be ignorable if need be.

I’m afraid there’s nothing new to report on this front just yet, sorry.