Critical Problem with eLicenser and Cubase 8 license

Hi! I am new to this forum and it is my last attempt to try to make Cubase work before moving to another product. I have Cubase 8, along with a USB licenser containing its license on my computer which has recently stopped working (note: I upgraded to 8 from 6, and to 6 from Cubase 5 Elements). I bought a new computer and wish to reinstall Cubase 8 in my new computer, but for some reason my license is not recognized as having been registered in My Products in, therefore a re-download of the product is not possible. I have tried hitting the maintenance tab in the eLicenser numerous times, but it still doesn’t appear online. And now to the really frustrating part…

I have tried contacting Steinberg support for a week now and have gotten nowhere other than the auto reply that someone will get back to me. I am at a loss as to what I can do. Can anyone offer advise? Thanks!!! (*by the way, I live in California, US, in case that makes any difference or somehow justifies the lack of support)


I am seeing an email that was sent to a Yamaha support email address on 2/1 that was transferred to our Steinberg Queue this morning. We will be in contact with you shortly to resolve you issue.

Hello Jeff and thank you for your response. After a week of getting nowhere through, I contacted a Yamaha support email… I’m glad it got some traction. Let’s see what happens now.