Critical Problem!!!

I just bought a tascam us-322 audio interface and it came with Cubase LE6 OEM version…so i first install the driver for my interface then I go to install this recording software and my computer won’t read the disc…like at all. I am using a lenovo pc with windows 8…it’s a fairly modern pc, havn;t even had it for a year yet. What is the problem hear? the disc looks fine…please somebody help. I’de much prefer to use this software than this shitty n-track one im using now

Hi. I’ll state the obvious: Contact Tascam and get a new disc.

A download of this software or any help from Steinberg regarding a bad disc does not exist. Since it’s an OEM thing from Tascam, Steinberg is off the hook, unfortunately for you. However, once you’re up and running you can ask any questions you have about the software.