Critical usage of C7.0.6

Well, I’ve been using 7.0.6 for the past month and here’s what I’ve decided to jot down as the pro’s and con’s:

-Being able to hide channels easily in the mixer
-Easily able to route channels to group and fx channels
-no crashes; seems ultra-stable

-flashing scroller bar is obnoxious
-not having the option to add groups and fx under your selected track(I waste so much time re-organizing the track order)
-plugins hiding behind the mixer(a very known issue)
-dangerous mouse “mix ruiner” hover areas in mixer
-mouse scrolling decides to stop functioning at random

These are just a few things that come to mind in my current state of insomnia after a 7-hour editing and 9-hour mixing session. I’d like to hear from you guys (and gals) on what your pro and con lists are!!

-plugins hiding behind the mixer(a very known issue)
Someone did a fix for this: but it may have side-effects: it obliterates my De-esser gui and makes the control sliders invisible (Alt-click ones) although they still work. Apart from that it works fine and it may be free of these for you.

-dangerous mouse “mix ruiner” hover areas in mixer
The whole mixer is become a very dangerous area to mouse around in. If only the scrollbars were a little wider… If only there was an undo…

It’s definitely better (here, anyway) than at the outset.