Critique - Erroneous MusicXML crashes Dorico 5, but not 4

It would be really helpful to us to have a MusicXML file that causes Dorico 5 to crash, so that we can tell what problem is actually going on. Submitting the crash reports to us does help, of course, because we can see what the software was doing at the time of the crash, but providing a file that allows us to reproduce the problem is even more helpful, and should allow us to fix the problem directly. One of the hardest things about fixing bugs is being able to reproduce them in the first place, and crash dumps do not allow us to directly reproduce a bug.

That’s why our standard advice here has always been to provide files that allow us to reproduce the problem. You can be indignant about it if you want, but it’s more useful to everybody – including ultimately to you – to try to help us solve problems.