Cropped Plugins: WL7 on a mac

Hey Folks,
I’ve recently been transitioning from Wavelab 6 to wavelab 7 on a mac. But many vst plugins are cropped at the bottom which doesn’t allow full control. Two examples are with
Brainworx BX_Control + the Vintagewarmer. They both lose the bottom part of their window which doesn’t allow access to presets or full control. It’s a prohibitive bug that forces me to keep going back to WL 6. Anyways around this??
All UAD plugins work fine though.
This cropping/rendering error is present both on a mac pro and a macbook pro that i’ve tested. Any help would be really great. It’s really a crippling bug. thanks!

Attached is a screenshot->

Drag the window’s preset/menu bar down to the bottom from the top - you can reconfigure just drag/dropping it to bottom of window and the problem should at least be hidden.

PSP can be a little slow to fix views, and their own preset-manager interferes with many apps.

weird fix! but it worked. thanks a lot! -jon

But you should ask PSP for a fix (this should be a known issue for them). Else you won’t be able to profit from a new feature I have prepared for 7.1.