CROSS and SYNC settings

Hi, I don’t understand those settings in Retrologue. Can you help me please?

How many oscillators? How can I choose which is master and which is the slave?

How can I choose the wave shape in every master and slave oscillator?

I have the same questions about CROSS function.

Thanks in advance.

Does anybody understand what am I asking for?

I could be wrong, but I assume OSC1 is always master and 2 is slave.
You set the waveshape like you normally would.

Thanks for your answer. Yes, it would be right in the real or emulated world but retrologue let sync with only one oscillator activated (the second “off”). Indeed, it lets two oscillators with sync set “on” in every OSC, and then, which would be the slave? :unamused:

I think Retrologue users cannot control the slave, the slave could be a copy of the same master oscillator working as slave and the only thing that you can control is the pitch of the slave:

the waveform of the slave would be the same of the master :bulb: but Retrologue Manual is not clear about that :frowning:

You can check that idea with a simple test:

  1. Activate only OSC 1
  2. Choose a waveform
  3. Select MULTI mode and play a sound
  4. Select SYNC mode and Shape parameter bigger than 0 and play a sound
  5. Now select Shape = 0, the sound is the same than MULTI mode

A detuned waveform is different of the original and it would let hard-sync.

Is that right?