Cross copying tracks between projects

Apart from exporting as MIDI files, is there a simple way of moving tracks and parts from one project to another.
Occasionally, I have written something ‘good’, and I’d like to import it to a current project.

I’m not sure if this was already present in Cubase 6, but Cubase 7 has the ability to export (one or more audio/midi/group whatever) tracks to a ‘track archive’. From the manual:

You can export Cubase tracks (audio, FX, group, instrument, MIDI, and video) as track
archives for import into other Cubase (or Nuendo) projects. All the information
associated with the tracks will be exported(channel settings, automation tracks, parts
and events, etc.). If you select the “Copy” option (see below), a separate “media”
folder will be created, containing copies of all referenced audio files.

Again, not sure if this applies to Cubase 6 as well, but perhaps this could be worth considering an upgrade for. It’s been a very useful tool for me indeed!

It does.

If you open a donor project and new project into two windows, set so you can see both at once, you can simply highlight the data you want and drag and drop into the new project. Multiple tracks and mixtures of audio, instruments and MIDI all work fine.

One thing to resolve though is different tempos. Look up musical / linear mode in the manual to see which is right for your needs and set the tracks accordingly before dragging across. Then close the donor without saving,

The new track lines in the project will have picked up the level, eq and plugins.

Many thanks to all your replies. I’ll give them a try later today.
I suppose I should have tried harder with the (large) manual.
wldn37 (Dave)