Cross fades not available

I am having trouble gluing chunks of a sound together. For some reason, it is not letting me select any fades for any section of the clip nor is it letting me cross fade. All of the options are greyed out. If I go into the Sample Editor, and attempt to overlap the events to get it to cross fade, I get, " Event’s position exceeds part’s boundary. Do you want to enlarge this part?" After that, nothing happens.

What I did was take a very large event, and cut out specific sections to shorten the sound and control how the pitch modulates. It has been working fine up until now. Having used Cubase for a few years, never had this happen. The past few days just havent been mine :frowning:

Im assuming it wasnt working since I had made destructive edits? To make my cuts, I made the selection over what I did not want, and deleted it. It seems to be working by duplicating the event and changing their respective sizes, essentially doing the same cuts.