Cross grade proof upload issue

I’m attempting to purchase an educational cross grade to Dorico. When I attempt to upload my proof, after 30 seconds or so of seeming like the image is uploading, the page reloads and gives no indication that the file has been successfully uploaded. I’ve tried many different times with the same result. I’m stuck!

I’ve contacted two days again, but have not heard back. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you!

Make sure that your proof is in PDF format, and that the file size isn’t too enormous. If you’re having problems converting the proof into a suitable PDF, I’d be happy to help: just email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I’ll convert it for you and send it back to you.

Thank you Daniel. Email Sent!

The same problem is still occurring after reducing the pdf to 357kb (thank you, Daniel!).

Has anyone had this experience?

I’m unflapped. I’m still very excited to become part of the Dorico community.

Did you restart the process once you had a smaller file, or was the page still open? I’m just wondering (guessing) if the page is confused and needs a proper Ctrl/Cmd + R kick to reload the page and then accept your file?

Also had problems submitting a 4MB jpeg cross-grade proof file - same symptoms as reported by PracticeWithMe.
The Online Shop website said that jpeg or pdf would be acceptable.

Then sent a 245KB .pdf version of the same documents, and this was accepted and acknowledged immediately.

I basically just kept trying over several days, and one day it just worked. Really random!