Cross grading from Sibelius educational subscription

I am using the Sibelius subscription for students which costs 8.25$ each month. Is the cross grade available for the subscription also or only for the “hard copy”?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

We have not yet determined whether or not the crossgrade will be available to users who are currently subscribing to the monthly subscription for Sibelius. This is something that we will determine before Dorico is released in the fourth quarter of the year.

My gut instinct is that holders of a monthly subscription will not be eligible, since this would be too easy a route to gain access to the crossgrade price effectively fraudulently: it would be difficult to prevent somebody from signing up, say, for just one month for a cost of less than $10 and then using that to save hundreds of dollars against the purchase of a perpetual license for Dorico. But this is just my own opinion and a decision will be taken by Steinberg’s senior management, not by me.

That’s sensible. Thank you for your quick response.
Waiting impatiently :slight_smile: