Cross platform licensing question

Hi guys,

I have CA 6.5 on my PC. I will soon be adding a Halion Sonic license.

I am also going to be taking delivery of the new macbook pro retina soon. As I am the only user, can I just install on both machines and swap the USB elicenser over as I need it?

Are there any issues when alternating between 2 different formats (PC/MAC) or is it pretty straightforward? I was thinking of putting projects on a shared folder, but don’t know if it is possible to access a windows shared folder from a Mac.

Yes, that’s how it works. A recommendation read elsewhere in the forum: use a short USB extension cable on the laptop, so the dongle is less likely to get damaged. Don’t know about your second question.

Yes to the first question.

I haven’t tried accessing the same project folder (presume it’s on an external drive?) from mac and PC, but as long as the disc is formatted for both (eg FAT32) it should work.