Cross-Rhythm in a Drum-Part

Probably already asked somewhere - can’t find anything sorry.

How do I have to do this please:
My snare plays quarter notes
My Bass-Drum plays 3 over 4

I can’t find a way to insert it into Dorico.

I set the 4 quarters first and then moved the caret to the Kick Drum space and used the ; popover to specify the 3:2h tuplet.

Then I entered the half notes.

Derrek, I swear that I did that 10 times…my snare and my bass-drum are synched…

The only way to do it would be:
Notation Options → Percussion → ‘use voicong defined in kit editor’
But then I get 100000 rests at places where I don’t need them.
Isn’t there a way with right click → percussion → change voice? I treid that but it didn’t work at all…

found the problem:
i have to change the direction of my stems in setup mode → percussion kit

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The problem stays:
it is only possible, if you change to:
Notation Options → Percussion → ‘use voicing defined in kit editor’
…and then you get millions of unnecessary rests…
BUT the funny thing:
if you change it to ‘use voicing defined in kit editor’ and if you insert your rhythm and if you THEN change it back AFTERWARDS to ‘use single voice’, Dorico keeps the right notation and all of the rests are hidden again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: