Cross-staff 8va

In a piano part, I use cross-staff beaming for clarity. However, I can’t make a 8va to work properly accross staff.
The workaround that is quite acceptable (as the picture attached is done) is to write the left hand an octave lower but obviously the playback is not transposed as it should.
I’ve tried several combination but can’t achieve proper result…

Yes I had the same problem. Doesn’t seem to work so far.

I’m not quite sure what you actually want.
If it’s a second 8va line above the bottom stave (which I believe is the correct, unambiguous notation) then set the caret to where you want the line to start, use the down arrow to take you to the correct stave, type shift-C and then 8va into the popover, enter, then use space or alt-shift-right arrow to extend the line.

Thanks! That’s it :slight_smile:
8va corrected.png

Glad to be of assistance :slight_smile: