Cross-staff arpeggio display as split?

This is quite simple. I have a cross-staff arpeggio
that I want to be displayed as separate arpeggios in the top and bottom staves. As far as I know, there is no engraving option that allows this to happen. If there is, I’d love to know about it, and if not, this would be a really cool tidbit feature as part of an upcoming update! It would allow me to have hairpins and text running between the staves that I can’t have right now without jank intersections.

In Write mode, select the contents of the top staff and choose the arpeggio from Ornaments > Arpeggiation in the RH panel. Do the same for the bottom staff.


Playback wasn’t mentioned in your original post, so I don’t know whether that is important or if you are only concerned with the appearance.
Playback will probably play the two arpeggios simultaneously rather than as one continuous arpeggio, so you might have to experiment with the settings in Properties > Arpeggio Playback (Playback position, Note offset).

Adding on arpeggio display, is there a way that it automatically doesn’t go over/below the noteheads?


Engraving options>Arpeggios>Endpoint positioning