Cross staff barline


Did a brief search but couldn’t find any answer, maybe I’m putting wrong words in the search tab. Anyway.
I need to create a choir score. I would like to have the barline of the SATB section to be like the one in the Strings section… not split up for each singer.
Is it possible or not possible yet?

Schermata 2016-11-24 alle 14.02.43.png

Hi manu_mlp.

Engrave options (cmd-shift-e), barlines page, barlines on vocal staves.
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Hope this helps !


I just discovered this menu. Wonderful.

It’s a really nice feature that Dorico alters the spacing to avoid having text colliding with the barlines, but having barlines between the staves will negatively affect the spacing slightly (you can even see this in the screen shot of the Engraving Options window).