cross-staff beaming for solo cello - is it possible?

It’s not unusual to use two staves to notate cello music due to the range of the instrument, lower staff would be in bass clef and upper staff in tenor or treble clef. It doesn’t seem that Dorico supports this yet (v 3.5.0). I did try the advice in this thread but couldn’t get it to work for me.

There was a note there that using a solo cello line and adding staves

to it should work, but it doesn’t. Putting an extra cello into the player (perhaps I’m doing it incorrectly) doesn’t seem to help either. The attached file shows the one player two instrument version, but the extra staff on one solo player looks the same.

Thanks for any advice!

It works for me using add extra staff below or above.


I wonder what I am doing wrong :frowning:

Thank you!

Here’s a couple of measures from the project, if any one has the time to take a look, I would appreciate it!
CrossBeamProblem - Flow (363 KB)

Write all the notes in the top stave, then use M to flip the relevant ones down. You seem to have typed some into the top staff and some into the bottom staff - this is how it works in Sibelius but not in Dorico.

I suspect the quickest way to deal with the notes you’ve already input is to use the Move To Staff Above shortcut, which by default is Alt-N, followed by the Cross Staff to Staff Below shortcut - M.

Whoops. I was using alt-M, which moves the notes without beaming. Thank you.