cross-staff beams between staves

Hello, I’ve been reading posts here and trying things out in the various preference panels but can’t find a reason why some cross-staff beams are placed between staves while others are placed above the top staff (see attached). I’d like to have all such beams placed between the staves but can’t find a way to achieve that. Anyone?

Best, Michael

check out my recent post:

basically,Dorico does not currently support concurrent notes on opposing sides of a beam, like the Dyad on bar 3 and Chord on Bar 5 of your example. You will need a workaround for that …

Ah OK, that explains it, thanks (once I parse “concurrent notes on opposing sides of a beam”). If I understand correctly then it’s more about the stem than the beam. What the chord in bar 5 would need is a stem going down from the left side of the C/G noteheads and connecting to the B on the staff below on the right-side of the notehead. So the B would actually be to the left of the C/G, as is quite normal in chords with intervals of a second. Not impossible then, surely?

I’m finding the mixture of beams between the staves and beams above the staves a little ugly, as well as more difficult to read than if there was consistency. Does anyone know of a way to force all cross-staff beams to be above the upper staff?

Select them all and force stems up (edit> stem).