Cross-Staff Clef

Is there a way to assign the treble clef (highlighted in orange in the attachment) to the notes on the bottom staff? I entered the music all on the right-hand staff and moved the appropriate notes to the left-hand staff by typing M, but when I try to change the left-hand staff to treble clef at beat 3, the clef is put in the right-hand staff and doesn’t change the notes in the left-hand staff, which remain in bass clef.

If I enter the music in the lower staff to start with, I have the problem in reverse: I can’t change the notes in the upper staff at beat 2 to bass clef – instead, the bass clef gets drawn in the lower staff and doesn’t change the notes in the upper staff.

It appears that clef changes can only be applied on the staff into which the music was originally input, rather than the staff on which the music exists, unless I’m missing something. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Cross-Staff Clef.png

You need to put the clef in using the Caret:
Select the note where you want the clef to appear, hit Enter to invoke the caret, use the up/down arrows on your keyboard to get the caret to the correct stave, type Shift+C g Enter (for treble clef).

Thanks, Leo. That did it. I had tried using the caret before, but the critical step I was missing was using the down arrow to move the caret to the lower staff. Makes perfect sense.