Cross staff cross voice slurs

Hi, Thank you for being such a helpful forum. My engraving of a piano score continues:
The published score looks like this

I have used voices to input treble clef (right hand) and bass cliff (left hand) notes viz
(upload://6J7DvBkdTmwtMBJfKn9Ge3lRwrY.pdf) (17.1 KB)

The way I have been able to recreate the published slur is to (for instance) slur from A to Bb in RH and then adjust the slur in engrave mode viz:
Passion_m61_62_slurred.pdf (17.2 KB)

Is there a better way?


I applied the slur from the initial eighth note in the bass clef to the final eighth of the measure using mouse-click to CMD/CTRL + mouse-click on the first and last notes I wanted under the slur. Even though I adjusted the slur later (in the second measure of the illustration) I feel safer that were I to respace the measure, the slur would be more likely to stick to the first and last note automatically, even I needed to readjust the curve.


Thank you for the help / advice!

Greatly appreciated.

Stephen Bashforth

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I think it’s better not to publish your e-mail address on a public forum…


I didn’t realise I had.
Thanks for the heads-up