Cross-staff grace note beaming

Hi all,
I don’t have any issue with cross-staff beaming with regular notes, but I have a job where I need to do it with grace notes and can’t quite figure it out. I need to have cross-staff beaming with grace notes, but also need to have the beam positioned between the staves. Dorico doesn’t do this automatically (like it does with regular notes) and when I manually adjust the beam, the stems are on the wrong side and aren’t connected to the beam correctly like below:

There are quite a lot of similar examples in this fairly lengthy piece, and the composer is pretty picky about making the engraved music match his manuscript. I’m not seeing any obvious solutions in the Properties panel or Engraving Options, so how do you fix grace note cross-staff beaming so the stems display correctly?
Thanks in advance!

Hm… I just created the grace notes on the bottom staff, moved two of them with the N command, and got exactly what you want by default. See attachment

Maybe you have forced some of the stem directions before you dragged the beam around, or something?

Or maybe the problem is something to do with voices. I just used the default voice on each staff for everything. I see my tie directions are not the same as yours, and the D is on the opposite side of the CDE chord, which might indicate something voice-related.
cross staff grace notes.png

Thanks Rob! I just recreated this bar in my default file and it worked fine. I’m a bit confused how this even happened then. The D is on the left I assume because that is where it should be stems-down. With one voice it appears on the right. After deleting and re-inputting it seems to work fine. I’m not sure exactly what sequence of events caused the result above, but deleting and re-entering the grace notes seems to be working now anyway. Strange!

Ah, figured it out (I think). If I flip the last note, it now seems to be impossible to ever recreate the beam correctly between the staves. Flipping it back flips to the bottom, only Undoing can put it back to the original after it has been altered. On some of these I must have accidentally flipped the note instead of the l.v. and then copied I guess. I’m not seeing any Property that can fix it once it has been modified.

In the Right-click menu there is Stems / Reset Default Stem direction (maybe not those exact words, but near enough to find it).

Flipping the stem the other way still leaves the direction “forced,” not “free.”

Yep, it’s “Reset to Original Staff” which then allows me to start over and move the notes to the correct staff with the beaming correct, thanks!