Cross staff issues between multiple instruments in same player

I’m working on a exercises for a single musician playing a bass clarinet and a piano simultaneously. For this I use cross staff beaming between the two instruments (set up to be played by a single person).
So I have, for example, two beamed 8th notes on the bass clarinet (top stave) and I press M to move one of these notes down to the upper stave of the piano. It behaves as expected, BUT when I now press N, this note now refuses to return back up to the bass clarinet stave! So basically once I’ve cross-staffed it down, it’s stuck there…
Also, if I begin this process on the piano, I cannot cross-staff any note up to the bass clarinet staff.
Is this a known issue? I know what I am doing is a bit unusual, but this is inconsistent behaviour regardless…

There’s no cross-staff beaming over two different instruments (unless 5-line-staff unpitched perc) AFAIK…

Hi Marc, there is actually support for this!
You can do it as long as the instruments are held by the same player.
After experimenting a little more, I think there’s an issue when one of the instruments has more than one staff (like a piano)… and the problem persists even when removing one of the staves.

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You should always be able to return a note to its original staff by selecting it, right-clicking and choosing Cross Staff > Reset to Original Staff. (You can also access this command via the jump bar.)

I think it works if both instruments have the same number of staves… (per instrument definition, like piano and harp)

Thanks Daniel!
That solves the first part of my problem - getting there!
But how about the other issue? Not being able to cross-staff a note belonging to the piano up to the bass clarinet stave above it?
(I’m on Dorico 4 btw)

I can confirm that. It works with two 2-staff instruments and 2 1-staff instruments without any issues. But in a 1-staff/2-staff combination it’s not possible to move them out of the 2-staff instrument.

(Dorico 5)

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Further honing in on the problem, I got it to work when the single staff instrument is below the 2-staff instrument, but not when it is above it. So in a 2/1 staff combination you can only move note out of the 2-staff instrument down to an instrument, but not up to one.

As a workaround you may modify an Organ?

Change the clefs and braces. And for a correct playback you can “enable Independet Voice Playback”.

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That’s a good idea for a workaround, thanks :grinning:
Would be cool to have it fixed in future versions.

I just realised, that you run into a transposition problem.

true :person_facepalming:
also staff labelling issues…

Or you could create your piano from a treble staff and a bass staff. Then you have three independent staves (and it solves your transposition problem).


Hello, I’m currently learning Dorico 5. For this, I have to transcribe one of my scores and I’m currently expiriencing difficulties regarding this subject (crossing staff). I’m not really sure if it is possible to cross notes between various staffs of the same percussionist. The pictures I joint are the ones I need to transcribe, does anyone have some ideas for a workaround?

I think I figured out! It works if I move the instrument to which I want to cross the notes just below the instrument from where the notes are been crossed, once crossed, I can then change the disposition of each instrument ad lib. Everything is done in the Setup. Hope this helps another user with a similar issue. In the image my first attempt.