Cross staff limitations ?


I guess this is question for Daniel.
I’m making a revision of an old piece originally in Finale and I’m of course redoing it in Dorico.
Most of it was transferred with xml.

Now, I have this problem with cross staff and the limitation that one can only cross notes to other staves in multi-staff instruments.
I have plenty of cases where that would be a serious limitation. The example of this current being one of them.
It is often the with multi percussion…

here is an example.

Do you intend to make this more flexible at some point ? (soon ?? won’t be able to do it in Dorico otherwise :frowning:)

All the best

You can cross notes between different instruments held by the same player, but you can’t cross notes between instruments held by different players.

Daniel, do they have to be on the same type of staff? I have an example where I tried to place a note cross staff between Tom-toms and timpani and Dorico wouldn’t allow me to, but the Tom-toms were on a 4 line staff and the Timpani, of course, on a 5 line staff. Thanks.


It seems that this is true only for staves of the same type right ?
I’m trying very hard to make it work within the same player but it does not work.
But my staves are of different type… (like in my example above)


You can cross between a pitched instrument staff and a single-line percussion staff, but not between a pitched staff and a kit or grid presentation for a percussion kit.

Not ideal, but could work perhaps

Jesper (434 KB)

oh Daniel, this is then going to be my n°1 request on the wishlist.
I really need to be able to cross staff between any kind of staves.
not even pitched instrument and a 5 line presentation ??

Also, I found that I needed to be able to use different presentation types within the same player.
like a 5 line for an instrument with another instrument staff in grid, etc.

I have to put this revision work on hold then.

Is it possible at all for a future upgrade ?


As I say, you can’t cross between a pitched staff and a kit or grid presentation. I can’t say whether or that is likely to change, but if it does change it won’t be imminently.

It seems like it’s not possible to cross-staff between kits either.

I’m not a percussionist, nor have I written a lot for percussion, but it seems to me that any kind of cross-staff between unpitched, pitched, grid, lines or regular staves are very common in music involving percussion set-ups. I hope that in the future Dorico will offer this flexibility. For now, I guess I will find a way to distribute the instruments on one or several five-line staffs.


I’m bumping into this issue again as I’m back into updating this old score for a new edition.

I have tons of cross staff in needs between pitched instruments and things like 2 bongos, etc.
Can’t cross staff note in many cases so I end up using 5 staff lines everywhere. Very ugly…
I hope this limitation can be overcome soon.


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