Cross-staff music leaves playing techniques behind

Apologies if this has been discussed before, my search didn’t reveal it.
Cross-staff notes seem to leave playing techniques (and dynamics?) on the original staff.

Yes, neither playing techniques nor dynamics are attached to specific notes. You can change their placement using the Properties panel, or using Edit > Flip, which has the default key command F.

Thanks for replying, Daniel!
I didn’t realise that only those few articulations are note-attached. As you probably know, this makes some things a bit awkward—I’m moving some harp harmonic notes cross-staff, and even if I flip the harmonic it stays in the original staff. I’m moving them in Engrave mode, but is this the only way?

Probably your best bet is to do Alt+N or Alt+M, which are the shortcuts for Edit > Paste Special > Move to Staff Above and Move to Staff Below.

Aha! Fantastic, thanks!