Cross staff slurs problem on different voices

today I’m trying to cross staff beam notes of different voices.
1 - I select the first and last note as in (screenshot 1)
2 - press S for slur
3 - the result show me a slur in the lower of stave (screenshot 2)
3 - I press F for flip the slur (screenshot 3)
4 - the resulting beaming need more than one passage to avoid the collision with pause in the lower staff and other notes in the musical phrase (screenshot 4)

Is there a different way to beam the notes as in the description I send? I need to beam a lot of measure and I admit that all manual repositioning doesn’t give me a lot of enthusiasm .
Could be more powered if Dorico recognise the different layers and avoid collisions with pauses (of the voice 1 in bass clef of my example).

Thanks as usual to this beautiful forum


screen 1
screen 2
screen 3

screen 4

I would probably put a sixteenth-note C on the first beat of the measure in the upstem voice (in addition to the held C) and slur from that to the upper phrase.

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Definitely the solution. Thanks Derrek :slight_smile: