Cross staff stems

Can this be done in Dorico?

The cross staff stem. I can do them in Lilypond, but I don’t know how in Dorico.

Yes - input that note on the top staff, then cross it to the bottom staff.

Ah, got it. I was confused for a while there. So I create the F sharp on the top staff and cross it down in engrave mode by pressing M. Works great!

Most appreciated. Saved me hours of head scratching.

You’re very welcome - I’ve made a note to check if there are already relevant keywords for cross-staff stems on that topic.

Additionally, you might like @pianoleo’s favoured mnemonic for the cross-staff commands: N crosses upwards, for North; M is the other one (because the middle of M points downwards? could work). (Also, Alt/Opt-N and Alt/Opt-M move notes/items to the staff above/below, rather than just forcing them to appear elsewhere while remaining attached to their original staff.)