Cross-staff tremolo, phantom rest

Creating the tremolo was simple enough… enter half notes, then cross staff the first chord down into the lower stave.

But then that whole rest appeared, and I can’t seem to figure out how to hide it.

I get the same problem with cross-staff notes without tremolo.

There does not seem to be any way to actually hide an item in Dorico (yet), which could be the issue. It’s possible to work around it by changing the color of the item to 100% transparency, but that seems a bit cumbersome.

You’re right that at the moment you cannot hide a single rest; if you had another bar of music, then you would be able to select the first note in the voice to which that rest belongs, and switch on the ‘Starts voice’ property, which would then hide the bar rest in the previous bar, but in the (somewhat unlikely) case of a score with only a single bar, you can’t currently hide that rest. We intend, in due time, to make it such that a bar rest in a staff to which music is crossed from another staff should not appear at all by default anyway.

Thanks, Daniel!

I would think that the ability to hide items, especially rests, manually on a case by case basis may be a very welcome addition when dealing with music for Piano, guitar, etc.

I don’t really agree with the general principle of hiding arbitrary things, to be honest. Why are they there at all if they should be hidden? On the whole I prefer to try to find the underlying semantic reason why something should not appear, if possible, and to develop a solution that works musically rather than purely graphically. Of course that will not always be possible, but I think in the case of rests it is eminently possible, hence the approach we have taken.

That is a very good point, and I totally agree with this in principle. In the case of rests though, I think the contextual subtleties which determine why a rest should display or not might be very difficult to determine for an application, and should (or at least could) perhaps be left up to the engraver.

It is quite important to have the ability to hide rests when many parts appear on the same staff. Please see Gould pages 312 for example. There will definitely be times when the engraver must use human judgment.

And you can hide rests, as I’ve explained, by specifying that the voice to which the rest belongs has ended. That’s already possible in Dorico today.

You can do the opposite: let Dorico hide most of the rests for semantic reasons (using “starts voice” and “ends voice”) and explicitly create rests that you need to see, like the quarter-note rest in the attachment.

(By default you would also get a half-note rest in that voice at the start of the bar, which is just “visual noise”.)
rest at start of voice.png

I found a workaround for this, if you’re interested:

Select the rest in question, and open up Properties. First, find the switch that specifies Position and turn it on (so that it is now located within the staff). Next, switch on the Color switch, choose a white color, and then set its Opacity to 0%. The rest will now be hidden from sight!

With cross-stave beaming in harp music it is practically de rigeur to ‘hide’ rests in passages of extended arpeggiation and the like.
In fact, I thought I would try a section of the Nutcracker as my first project and the beginning of Act II No.10 commences with demisemiquavers alternating right/left hand top/bottom staves and no quaver rests on the opposite stave.
It’s not just an added extra it’s essential. I need a way to globally control or sectionally control the visibility of rests.
My second problem was I couldn’t find where to do cross-stave notation… help! Also, the passage in 6/8 is beamed in quaver groups, not dotted crotchets. How do I divide the dotted crotchet beams? Sorry to ask so many questions but the documentation is not easy to access and even the search engine is limited by topic… I have been engraving on computers since Score v.1, Finale 2 and Sibelius 1. It should be easier to locate this sort of basic information. Notwithstanding I am excited by the possibilities of this new programme. Well-done Daniel and team.

Cross-staff notation should be as simple as hitting N to cross the note/chord to the staff above, or M to cross it to the staff below. You can also do this via the Edit > Cross Staff menu, which also contains the option to reset a note or chord back to its original staff.

It took me a day to find that piece of information - I searched through the documentation without finding it and at the end of the day eventually located the menu and keystrokes. Sorry to have been a nuisance in one sense but in another it says something about the documentation that it took me so long to locate it.

How about the current status of hiding rest when cross-staff of beaming is used.
In the following example, I could not find a way to hide the unnecessary rest in the staff above.
Screenshot 2019-03-01 09.01.12.png
A suggestion would be much appreciated!

Have you tried selecting those bars and doing Edit > Remove Rests?