Cross stave slur: crossing back?

Wondering if anyone knows how to extend the slur to include the final two notes in the attached measure? All notes are the same voice, running Dorico Pro 3.5.

It works for me. I selected the first note and the last note and pressed the ‘S’ key. The resulting slur collided with the notes in the G-clef and I had to move it out of the way in Engrave mode.

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 6.19.03 PM .


You might have to adjust the slur in Engrave mode to get the look you want though.

Many thanks - I’ve now filed this away as the trick to use whenever there is a cross-staff return journey for a slur.

Looking at your original post, I want to be sure you understand that voice 1 in the upper staff is not the same as voice 1 in the lower staff. I say this because I note that you have rests in your example that I don’t have in mine. If you start your notes in the lower staff and accept the ledger lines that result and then cross those notes into the upper staff (keyboard N), you should avoid a lot of problems.

Yes when slurs join notes in different voices, the usual lengthening/shortening and moving key commands are limited to the voice at the corresponding end (so you can’t lengthen a slur to notes in a different voice to the voice at its end originally).