Cross-stave stems


I’d like to manually drag stems from the bottom of a piano staff to join with the stem of the same rhythm in the above treble stave - see attached image for example from sibelius.

When I do this in engrave mode, Dorico automatically increases the vertical spacing between the staves, making it impossible to create the kind of join I’m looking for.

I’d be grateful for any tips on how to achieve this / disabling the automatic spacing in this specific case.


If you want to move two notes from a particular chord onto the staff below, simply select those two notes and type M to move them to the staff below; unlike in Sibelius, you can cross individual notes in a chord to the staff above or below, so there should be no need to drag any stems around.

Here’s the relevant page in the manual - I’ve made a note to add more keywords relating to “cross-staff stems” as well. We decided to give it the title “cross-staff beaming” because that’s the most common reason people cross notes to other staves, but it works on any notes belonging to multi-staff instruments, whether or not they’re part of beams.

Ah - thanks both, another example of where I’ve tried to apply my former workaround approach from Sibelius in Dorico, where Dorico already has the feature built in - so I just need to write both hands in one stave, and cross them over as necessary, rather than writing in two and trying to edit the length of the stems. Much easier!

Glad you think so! There are quite a number of areas where Dorico does things a bit differently - thinking about/searching for “the end-result you want to achieve” rather than “performing the action you usually do” will probably get you to the Dorico-way a bit quicker :slight_smile: