cross stave tuplets

Hi all, just would like some advice on, I don’t know what the ‘official’ term is, but, beaming a figure over both the left and right hands for a piano as part of a tuplet.

I have a continuous 16th note septuplet pattern with an melodic octave in the left hand, then 3 notes in the right then 2 again in the left.

I want the tupelt beaming to cross both staves with no rests in either hand visible. Is there a quick way to input this?

It sounds simple and I think it’s a quick answer, but I couldn’t think of what to search for.


by default, the keys m and n sends notes to the next or previous staff. (you may also want to switch on optical spacing for beams in Layout Options/Note Spacing…)

thanks for the quick reply! What I was hoping for was to have the beam above all notes as opposed to in the middle.

Is that possible?

Click on the upper staff to select all the notes there, then do Edit/Stem/Force stem up :slight_smile: