Cross vs Move to Stave Above or Below Bug


In getting to know the differences between shortcuts N, M vs Alt+N, Alt+M there appears to be some weird stuff going on. If I just use the Move commands (using Alt) I never have any problems. If I first use the Cross commands (no Alt) on a grand staff, this works but if I then use the Move commands on the same selection, the Move function ceases to work. I see some unpredictable behaviour e.g. rests flickering in upper or lower empty staves but the move is not made.

Is this a known bug? What is going on behind the scenes when using Cross vs Move?

You might need to give an example; preferably a cut-down project that exhibits this behaviour. Generally speaking, these functions work fine.

Create 3 instruments: piano, trumpet and bass

Put a few notes in the treble clef of the piano part

Use the cross command (N,M) to move these notes between the treble and bass clefs. No problems.

Attempt to now move these notes using the move command (alt+N,M). Doesn’t work.

Note that if I don’t use the cross command first, the move command works fine.

I’m on a Mac with Noteperformer 3.2.

I suppose it’s not obvious what you want to do if you try to move a cross-staffed note to another staff. If you move it in the same up/down direction that it was already cross staffed, Do you just want it to stay where it is but not be cross-staffed any more? Or do you want it to be remain cross staffed onto another staff, if the instrument has extra staves defined? There are similar options if you move it in the opposite up/down direction from the cross staff direction.

Dorico avoids those questions by not letting you move a cross staff note to another staff at all, so you have to do what you want step by step without any ambiguity.

Hi gyprock
Are you by chance using a Spanish keyboard layout under macOS? If so, the Alt+N command does not work, because of macOS recognising it as a space. You can check the thread about it here
I suggest you do the following:

  1. Try to invoke que command in the Edit menu or in the contextual menu.
  2. If it works, and you are under macOS with a non-English keyboard layout, try to change the keyboard layout to something else, like English.
  3. If that works, or if you want to try it out, then you might want to change the shortcut to something that works in your system

Lucas_r_r, It doesn’t work on cross-staff notes on an English keyboard. The Spanish keyboard “sticky key” is a different issue.

Lucas, gyprock appears to be trying to move cross-staffed notes.

Gyprock, I don’t think you can expect Doroco to do anything useful in this scenario - even if the trumpet or the bass had multiple staffs, you’d be trying to move cross-staffed notes to the wrong stave (from the top staff of the piano to the bottom staff of the trumpet, for example).

If you’ve already crossed a note to another staff, then do Edit > Cross Staff > Reset to Original Staff before you try to move it to another staff.

My bad, I stopped reading here :laughing: