Crossfade Display Bug

Hey, I’ve been having a display problem with the crossfades. I’m crossfading 2 events but for some reason the display of the audio in the crossfade area shows some other wave form from the events that I’ve crossfaded.

Please Help :pray:

Unfold the lanes?
You are viewing all the lanes but only the active ones are taken into account.

Doesn’t work. Only the active lanes should be taken into account but there something happening to the waveform in the crossfade area as you see

tbh, I can’t see anything
try to use a screen recorder not your mobile phone, please.

It is clearly visible in the top most track. After crossfading (0:03), there is another bigger waveform visible underneath the crossfade, which was not there before at the start of the video.

I can confirm. This happens to me as well, especially when editing drums, and its “only” a visual bug, as I cannot hear anything weird, when this happens.
Can you perhaps share the project, so we can send it to the devs? @yonidolan1

… a lot of artefacts…
I see the bigger waveform in the combined lane, but can’t say what all other lanes show.
And we need to see all lanes.

There’s the screen recoreded. Hope that helps
How can I share the project to you guys?
@st10ss @Tj99

UPPPP Please help

I’d suggest you make a backup of the project and then remove every unnecessary file event, to make it smaller. Then you upload it here or on wetransfer, or on some other cloud and post it here!

Hey I’m from Israel, I have a bug in Cubase which I’ve asked about here on another topic and there has been no solution for it. The only way for me to contact Steinberg is through the distributor which is Halilit in Israel. I’ve passed my issue on to Halilit. It seems that they didn’t do anything about it since they don’t even bother to update me and I need to call them every day to ask what is going on and still no answers. Please I need some one from the developers to help me fix this issue!

In Israel and many other countries, it’s the job of the dealers to provide tech support help to customers. They have a designated way of contacting Steinberg directly.

In this topic though, you might consider doing what @Tj99 suggests – two people are engaged with you in this topic and are willing to help.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned here is running Cubase in Cubase Safe Mode It’s a built in way to troubleshoot the issue.

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Hey my cubase is not crashing, as I’ve wrote here there is an issue with the crossfade function that doesn’t work properly. Anyway I will upload the project and will post it here

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Nobody was saying that.

To disable the preferences in save start mode is a way to find out if something with the preferences interferes with the function or the project file.

I’m still not sure what your problem is.
In lanes mode you see on the track the lanes that are playing.
So if you select a clip on a lane this one is playing back and is shown on the track.

I’ve added the project here, thank you for you help

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Yep, its indeed the same bug I was experiencing as well. Fortunately its “only” a graphical bug, but still. I reuploaded the project and shrinked it, so you only see the 2 vocal takes where the issue happens (you can delete the link to your project if you want, as I have seen it contains a lot of your vocal recordings, which are not not needed to show the issue).
If you then render the audio in place, it shows correctly, but the original crossfaded audio is displayed wrong. I also added a video where you can see this.

I reported this to Steinberg for you (ID #522160)

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Were you able to fix it on your Cubase? It’s only graphical maybe but still very annoying :frowning:

Nope, this is baked into Cubase as it seems and probably only fixable by the developers, undortunately.:thinking:

OK. I tested it on my system.
And with your project I can reproduce it.
But I can’t with my own test project. That’s strange.

To my understanding, this happens at some point during an editing session and is baked in the audio files. Did you copy his audio files into your project?

No. Just used the audio files in my project.
I begin to presume that there is something happening related to lane editing…