crossfade editor bug

N5.1 Mac 10.6.6

Here’s an issue I’ve found, not sure if all steps are required… but…


  1. create three adjacent regions of audio | A | B | C | right next to each other
  2. create part out of two regions
  3. double click part to enter part view window
  4. create a cross fade between region A & B
  5. select both regions B & C
  6. press “x” to create a crossfade
  • to recap their is a cross fade between region A & B and B & C at this point
  1. while both B & C are still selected double click the crossfade to bring up the cross fade editor
  • note the editor shows the crossfade between regions A & B not B & C
  • clicking the right arrow in crossfade editor does not take to you the crossfade between B & C
  1. close the cross fade editor
  2. deselect all regions
  3. now click the crossfade between B & C
  • now the crossfade editor shows the crossfade between B & C

Why does the crossfade editor not show the crossfade I double clicked (in step 7)?
Why doesn’t the arrow locate the next crossfade (just before step 8)?

I would expect no matter what is selected the crossfade that appears in crossfade editor is the crossfade I double clicked.

Have you had any replies to this question? I have reported this bug on several occasions and have gotten no replies. I use the crossfade tool heavily in post production and would love an answer if there is one.

Unfortunately no. And also unfortunately questions without answers is becoming quite common on this forum.

I had not identified that you could actually access the crossfade by unselecting the two regions. Thanks for that, at least now I have a work around. I will try to demonstrate this problem to the nuendo rep the next time I get his ear, they may have misunderstood the actual problem from my description.