Crossfade Handles affecting two different crossfades simultaneously

Hello! When doing some basic time editing the old fashioned way; just cutting, nudging, and crossfading, I’m having an issue with Cubase workflow. I select two audio events (A & B), hit X, then fine tune the fade. The problem occurs when I then try to crossfade event B with event C. The fade handles for the new crossfade between events B & C actually change the A to B fade, messing up the work I had just done. Essentially, when doing many cuts and fades in a row, it is super easy to undo or completely ruin a previous fade when editing an entirely new one. The only workaround I have found is this:
*Crossfade events A & B, tune to taste.
*Select events B & C, hit X to crossfade
*Then UNSELECT event B, BEFORE adjusting the fade handles.
If you don’t unselect Event B first, adjusting the crossfade between B & C also affects the crossfade between A & B. This is weird to me. If I don’t have Event A selected, I shouldn’t be affecting it. The right crossfade handle, specifically, of fade B-C, moves the end point of event A which is not even selected. I’m time adjusting a single track in a linear fashion, yet Cubase is working against me…