crossfade independent audio regions

Hi. I’m a bit new to Cubase, but have been using Logic for a while. I have a sample that I’m dropping into a track and have copied several times on that track. I want to put a small crossfade a the beginning and end of each region to avoid the pop being heard when the sample begins and ends. I’ve found how to make crossfades between regions that are touching, but I can’t find a way to add a fade to the beginning and end of independent regions in the track. Can someone help me out? Thanks for your time.

Audio menu:
Fade In/Out

awesome thanks for your help

Even easier are the fade handles (top right/left of audio events). Just select all events and do it with the mouse. Or do the fades before you copy the event. Or select one or more events and adjust the desired fade length in the info line.

When copying and pasting parts, it is often necessary to activate Snap to Zero Crossing, which tends to make the crossfade more effective. :wink:

But isn’t ‘zero’ overwritten anyway by neccessarily overlapping the events for a crossfade?

No, not if Snap and Snap to Zero Crossing are activated. Snap to Zero Crossing finds a microscopic spot where the amplitude is zero in the audio wave to prevent clicks, so I don’t think overlapping parts would hurt anything. I think I know what you mean, but I’m pretty sure that the zero is not “canceled out” since you are finding it ahead of the overlap to paste your new part in.


We’re talking about different scenarios maybe. What I meant was, if you have an audio event, cut with snap-to-zero on, then crossfade it with another event, ‘point zero’ shouldn’t have a meaning anymore. The nature of a crossfade is an overlap otherwise there would be nothing to crossfade.

Making the ‘other’ event overlap, which forces our ‘zero event’ to keep its exact size will result in point zero being at minus infinity. No signal, no meaning. At least that’s my understanding of theory :smiley:

:blush: Oops! We were speaking of different scenarios. In this case, you are correct, once you have crossfaded, the Snap to Zero Crossing has no meaning. Snap to Zero Crossing is a good idea to try first, but on the stubborn cuts crossfading is more effective. Thanks. :wink:


Snap to Zero is tricky with the new group edit feature (that’s why I simply keep it off):
Once you cut through multitrack events, the cut won’t be applied at the same spot for all instead at - of course - the closest zero crossing of individual events. Toggling group edit on/off, Cubase moans, the events in the group folder are not in sync and may not behave as expected. Indeed it’s a mess to quantize stuff then :confused:

It’s a good idea to turn snap-zero off before cutting :wink: