Crossfade Not Working

Hello all,

Out of nowhere I lost the ability to crossfade by hitting “x”. Even going into dropdown menu Audio, “Crossfade” is in grey and is unclickable. I do not believe there are any hidden fades due to “Remove Fades” also being greyed out.

Does anyone have any ideas about this? I am running the Mac version of Nuendo 10.

Thanks in advance, this has been really annoying, I have no idea what to do haha.

Do you have a part selected? Is it possibly set as Locked in one of the ‘Other’ modes?

None of my audio is locked

Same here and no answer from Steinberg as yet.

Make sure you are not trying to cross fade in different tracks.
Are you sure you are in the same track, just different lanes?

Has anyone found an answer to this yet? I have the same issue

It is working here.

I just cut a part in to two, selected both parts and pressed ‘X’ - a crossfade was added.

I was using N10.

by ManChicken » 01 Oct 2019 08:06
Do you have a part selected? Is it possibly set as Locked in one of the ‘Other’ modes?

by fenderchris » 25 Mar 2020 11:33
I just cut a part in to two, selected both parts and pressed ‘X’ - a crossfade was added.

You’re both writing “PART” and “PARTS” here, but do you actually mean “EVENT(S)”?
Because (cross)fading PARTS is not possible in Nuendo, as far as I know.

Maybe here lies the cause of the issue “TheHoggopogo” is dealing with? Maybe the audio-EVENTS got inadvertently merged into PARTS?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Well, if I record a guitar part on to an audio track in Nuendo I call it a ‘part’. I could also refer to it as an ‘audio event’ or even a ‘clip’. As far as I’m concerned they are the same thing, and I know what I mean. In any event, cross-fading functions as expected regardless of what I call it.


It’s a 10.5 issue I think, I opened up an old version of 10 and it works perfectly.

I did not know that Nuendo 10.5 was out yet!

I’m talking about Cubase 10.5

This is the Nuendo forum.

Sorry if this is off-topic, but does ‘Auto Cross-fade’ work for everyone else? Say, I drag one event over the other on the same track…does it automatically crossfade between two regions? I was quite used to this in Logic and it has worked at times in Nuendo, but I can’t consistently get this to function.

I’ve tested it in N10 and N8 and can not get it to automatically create a crossfade if one event is placed slightly over another event. Should we be expecting this to happen automatically??

I have selected ‘Auto Crossfades’ in Project/Auto Fades Settings in both versions but neither of them work unless I subsequently press the [X] key.

Might be a bug.

Unless I have missed this … this was never possible in Nuendo. You always have to press (x)


OK thanks. That’s no problem for me, but do you have any idea what ‘auto’ means in the phrase ‘Auto Crossfades’?

It is not working on my Nuendo with the current on Mac. It didn’t work in the prior version either. I thought I had inadvertently done something to disable it, so I reinstalled Nuendo, but no joy. I recorded a bass part with no punches, split the event and tried to remove a chorus and then crossfade. The crossfade is greyed out. I grabbed sounds from my SFX library, trimmed the events so there was plenty of handle and the same thing happened. This has completely put the brakes on a project I started, so I have had to switch over to composing and recording this in Logic pro X, but as least I can punch in and crossfade the punches. I have not seen any word from Steinberg on this issue, although my support email auto-reply said it was a known issue and I would hear back in 24-48 hours. I deliver the cue tomorrow so I can’t wait. Has anyone heard anything from Steinberg on whether or not this is a 10, 10.2, 10.2.2 version issue? I’ve been a Cubase user since 1988, and I have not seen something this basic get broken this badly.

I had a Team Viewer session with Joel and the crossfades did not work, so we backed up my preferences and then trashed them and started Nuendo 10.2.2 and I could crossfade once again. I have reloaded all the necessary preferences from the original files and the crossfades work. Loaded older projects and all is well. If you have had a similar issue this may be the fix. I saved my old preferences folder in case Steinberg needs to look at it.

Events are not the same thing as clips.

A clip is a playlist for a primary audio file and its processed ranges files. It is possible to duplicate a clip, both versions linking to the same primary audio file but with eventually different links for processed ranges files.

An event is what you get when you put a clip on the timeline in a track. An event can be adjusted, copied… And is linked to the source clip. A source clip can have many adjusted events on the timeline in different tracks.

Parts are containers in the display which contain one or more events. They were mandatory to place audio in the Cubase VST age.

And regions are segments within events marked as areas of interest.

Parts are confusing at best, probably the strangest thing inside Nuendo. The reason is probably that they are a vestige of the Cubase VST age : Inside Cubase VST, an audio part was mandatory to place audio content in the timeline. Starting with Cubase SX, audio events can be placed directly in the tracks, but parts are still usable to group events.

Nothing has been done since this old time to make this more user understandable.

Parts are not clearly shown graphically, but more importantly i think that they are mainly confusing because they are duplicating the “Edit, Group” function that can group events too.

Here is what the manual say for Parts :
Audio parts are containers for audio events. If you want to treat several audio events as one unit in the Project window, you can convert them to a part.
And for Events grouping :

You can treat several events on the same or different tracks as one unit by grouping them.

:laughing: :laughing:

Many users are confused by this and are not sure about when to use parts, and when to use events grouping.

I think that the manual should at least explain what are the differences between those two functions, their scopes, and when to use each one.

And perhaps fully redesign this as a more global and better integrated event grouping strategy. This would add a lot to Nuendo / Cubase clearness.