Crossfade Nudge causes Project position Jumps.

Hi there,
Now its a while I’m struggling around this issue!
I can’t find out why the project position jumps each time I nudge a crossfade.
Jumps not happen if the region is short enough to fit the arrange window size.
I’ve uploaded a video to show the issue:

It’s really annoying and I don’t know how avoid this behavior. I use macros for nudging crossfades:

For nudging crossfade left:
Nudge - Start left
Navigate - Left
Nudge - End left
Navigate - Right

For nudging crossfade right:
Navigate Left
Nudge - End Right
Navigate Right
Nudge - Start Right

I discovered that the problem lies in the fact that in the macros I use there are the navigate commands. I’m new with Nuendo and would like to know how to nudge and resize crossfades with key commands without using the fade Dialog.