Crossfade or Morph Between Four (Or More) Synths?

Hi, all. Is there a way I can load up for (or more) synths in Cubase and automatically morph or crossfade between them with an XY Pad-type of plugin? I was thinking about synths like Hypermorph which morphs between its four sources - oscillators, wavetables, FM and one shot, except this would be some kind of plugin that works outside the synths. Thanks.

For multi-synth patch creation and manipulation I typically use PluginGuru Unify.

I demo’d Bitwig since it has an XY controller. It works fine but the LFO’s to automate it are a pain in the tookus to program. Anyway, I’ll just use the automation lane in C12 to fade in and out of midi instruments. It’s way more accurate than the XY pad anyway.