Crossfade Window Minimizes Other Windows.

Hello folks of the Steinberg universe,

Unlike many of you master producers, I use my tiny Acer laptop with a 14" screen to produce my melodies, and so I rely on everything being fullscreen…the mixer…the project window…the vst connections dialog…everything. So when I first used the crossfade window on a recent project (I haven’t really used crossfades on my previous projects) I was stunned to find that it minimized the project view and every other window. Do you all know what is wrong???


Can anyone help me?


It’s been this way forever…certain windows have no AOT option and will unmaximise other windows.

Don’t maximise the project |Window. Drag it to the size you want.


The drawback is that you get an complete windows border within another (workarea) windows border. This simply cost a lot of space if you are working on not too big resolutions.

To be honest - while I like Cubase very much, this is one of my biggest complaints. How much work it is to just re-write that part to make all windows behave like they should do? I also wonder why the hell you have the posibility to maximize the projectwindow, if it is not possible to keep it maximized if you want to use simple things like fine-tuning an crossfade?

Sorry for this little rant. It is one of those things that has an big irritation factor for me.
Still love Cubase tough… :wink:

Yes, I know, but you want a workaround, and I’m afraid that this is it.


Thanks you for all your help. I have considered switching to another daw for reasons like this, and it is only the issue of money and sheer features that keep me from doing so. Here is my listing and opinions of other daws:

Pro Tools - doesn’t support vsts and is overall featureless for the price
Reaper - everybody seems to like it but it just doesn’t hold in the purely feature department
Studio One - the most viable alternative
Fl Studio - unlike some say, this is a very professional app but it was a bit to quirky for me
Reason - too incompatible with the rest of the sound world and not super mature.
Digital Performer - too expensive and not well known enough.
Logic - mac only
Cubase------I describe Cubase with one sentence. “It has it all, but it is completely inconsistent.” Cubase has got to have every feature in the book, but it is inconsistent in every single way: design, operation, and stability. It will randomly drop my sound card, some of the windows look like they are from 1998 whereas others look like they’re from 2014, it will crash on me for no apparent reason (though most of the time it appears to be stable), the vst connections never seem to remember their settings, sometimes cubase will perform one way on a project but the next minute that feature doesn’t work properly, etc etc.

The Steinberg team is changing for the better — I am very happy about that because they seem very eager to assist their customers…but the issue I’m having is that the company keeps tacking on new features without perfecting the design and workflow of the old features. Even pro tools has perfected their daw in such a way, though I don’t think I would switch to that platform.

Thank you again.