crossfades not possible

Hey there,

just installed C6, and BIG SURPRISE: you can’t create crossfades anymore. If you open an old Project with crossfades, they are still there and play as they should. But take the two events apart and put thm together and try to make new crossfades: impossible. The Menu item “crossfades” is greyed out too. Same if you build a new Projekt in C6 from the scratch.

Can anyone confirm this annoying behaviour?

greets Jens

-MAcbook pro i7, 8gb. OS10.6-


Crossfades are working “as advertised” here, both opening from previous projects and creating new. Funny that you posted this now, I’m actually on a break from editing a project loaded with crossfades. :slight_smile:

Have you checked all your “fade related” preference settings?

Could also try trashing the preferences file. Not sure what that makes magic happen on a mac… but it seems to work a lot of the time.

Hope this helps!


Hey Walter,

thanx for your reply. Checked all the settings, even switched “autocrossfades” on for a try, but even then events will only overlap when pushed into each other. Tryed a reinstall, no improvements. As I’ve only switched to Mac a few Months ago: which preferences would you delete and where do they sit?

Happy crossfading :wink:


You have to delete the folder named “Cubase 6” under “/Users/(your account)/Library/Preferences”.
In case you have an older Cubase version installed you would also have to temporarily rename any older Cubase preferences folder that can be found in the same place (for example a “Cubase 5” preferences folder) in order to prevent Cubase 6 from importing the old settings again upon the next launch.

By the way, on my system crossfades work absolutely fine, but I have one question:

You write that “events will only overlap when pushed into each other”. I assume that you tried to put two audio events one after the other, then selected them and then pressed “x” in order to make them overlap and create a crossfade. Are you sure the audio events in case can be expanded to the respective sides, that means the left event end boundary to the right and the right event start to the left? If both events don’t contain any more information on the respective sides then the can’t be expanded anymore and no crossfade area can be created. I’m sure you actually know this but maybe you forgot to check the audio files…