Crossfades on ARA2 extensions

How do you guys deal with this scenario? If I use extensions to Melodyne a vocal, if I need to nudge anything afterward there is a click at the edit points. Can’t actually crossfade them…


I have to say that I avoid using ARA2 in Nuendo the way it “should” be used, as I had some unpleasant lessons learned with it.
One of it is this one:
ARA2 Bug, clip gain calculated twice when using crossfade
Also using it on large source Clips may lead into trouble.
So at the moment I always use “bounce selection” before and after I use ARA2, which makes the ARA point kind of pointless.
I do not want to bash Nuendo or sound discouraging… :crazy_face:
But after 3 days without replies I thought I’d share my dealing with ARA2.

I agree the only way to safely and speedily use ARA2 is to get a key command in place and Bounce after you have done your edit. Where you think you might want to walk back later I’d suggest you make a copy of the audio clip first to have a path back to the original.

I also have a thing where if I have a clip processed with ARA it causes the system to lock up for a few seconds if doing further recording on a project so I have to go through and bounce any ARA2 before sending someone in for an overdub. Different thread…!