Crossfades on ARA2 extensions

How do you guys deal with this scenario? If I use extensions to Melodyne a vocal, if I need to nudge anything afterward there is a click at the edit points. Can’t actually crossfade them…


I have to say that I avoid using ARA2 in Nuendo the way it “should” be used, as I had some unpleasant lessons learned with it.
One of it is this one:
ARA2 Bug, clip gain calculated twice when using crossfade
Also using it on large source Clips may lead into trouble.
So at the moment I always use “bounce selection” before and after I use ARA2, which makes the ARA point kind of pointless.
I do not want to bash Nuendo or sound discouraging… :crazy_face:
But after 3 days without replies I thought I’d share my dealing with ARA2.

I agree the only way to safely and speedily use ARA2 is to get a key command in place and Bounce after you have done your edit. Where you think you might want to walk back later I’d suggest you make a copy of the audio clip first to have a path back to the original.

I also have a thing where if I have a clip processed with ARA it causes the system to lock up for a few seconds if doing further recording on a project so I have to go through and bounce any ARA2 before sending someone in for an overdub. Different thread…!

Yeah, I too have noticed sluggish response when recording on projects with ara2 extensions active…

yes ARA2 is a problem. with nuendo 12 either with spectralayer or Sound Radix Auto-Align Post 2. there is also a lot of compatibility bug between nuendo 12 and dtouch v2. ARA2 would be developed by celemony (melodyne) and presonus acquired by fender not long ago. the question is where the bugs take place. Nuendo or ara2? in all the loss of spectral editions (spectralyer pro 9 with nuendo12 in w10 21h2) sometimes loses data modifications. it’s painful and totally random. as it has already been said the only temporary solution is to make the edition final which is sometimes a shame. then it is necessary to use the function of transformation of the selection as a new file. this avoids file conflicts already used elsewhere by ara2 in the same project.
The time has passed but the problem is still present.