Crossfades! Steinberg, please stop changing things for worse

I cannot see my crossfades anymore without hovering my mouse on top of the audio. This is just terrible terrible workflow.

I need to be able to see all my crossfades at all times! This is absolutely necessary. Please Steinberg, stop changing things for worse and change this back! These hovering “tricks” are absolutely the worst of Cubase´s recent years “upgrades” like for example in the mixer.

Or at least give us an option to see all the crossfades without hovering the mouse on top of the crossfades!

:imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

Also this same things applies to what audio is on top of what audio? I use to be able to see if there´s audio beneath of another audio clip. Now I can´t anymore!!! Unless I hover my mouse on top of the audio and go searching if there´s audio clips beneath. This is just horrible!

I was checking this out and there is a preference in the “Event Display” category to select viewing the overlapping of tracks to either never, always or mouse over. Hope this helps.

Yes I found that, thank god!

BUT it still doesn´t solve my main problem, the crossfades. Is there a similar setting for them? I want to be able to see ALL my crossfades at all times. Not freaking hovering on top of them and searching them. :imp:

Weird. I just checked and they’re showing for me at all times as a default. I think the option you need to check is Preferences/Event Display/Show Event Volume Curves Always.

That works! Thanks for that. I guess it is a case of RTFM!

all my crossfades are there… it would be a no go not seeing them permanently. Hovering is a VERY VERY bad thing… stuff needs to be there all the time. Buttons, Fades, Names etc… hovering in a really big project on a 4 screen setup is just idiotic.


Found it! Big thanks! What a weird name, it was really hard to find. I was looking for a “crossfades” name or something.

This setting should be the default always!

Now if we could get all the rest of the hovering buttons and things out of Cubase… :unamused: