Hey guys, I can’t seem to find how to create a simple crossfade between to clips, but without overlapping them…


If the clips don’t overlap, how can there be anything to crossfade?

For example, if I apply let’s say a different eq to a certain part on a song, to the crossfade can make the transition smoother.

I just found it weird that in any other daw, if you split an audio file, you can apply a crossfade, but it doesn’t seem to work in wavelab…

Well, if you split a clip, you can apply a crossfade of any length so the transition is smoother but there needs to be some overlap to be crossfaded. In this case, the crossfade is inaudible because I didn’t apply any Clip FX but you get the idea. The clips overlap but the audio never repeats.

Here’s an attachment of a song/clip that I split and then created a crossfaded.

Ok cool, thanks for the answer Justin!

No problem. At first, I thought maybe you were talking about two unrelated clips that were at their full native length butted up back to back but it’s quite easy and common to split a single song/clip into two clips for clip specific Clip FX in a certain area, and then you can extend the edges to create a tiny crossfade so the transition point sounds smooth and of course, you are not changing the sync of the overall audio, just creating a crossfade so the FX have a smooth entry and exit point.

Of course, this is all non-destructive in the montage and then you simply render a new file from the montage after you have the sound dialed in as you prefer.

Yeah, exactly. I just recently started using wave lab for mastering, and because the audio is kinda moving while creating the crossfade, I thought the audio file was actually moving and changing the sync. All good now, thanks again for your time!