Crossfading Audiotracks with MIDI Controller

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I got a quick question:
How is it possible to create a crossfade automation between two audio tracks in realtime by turning one slider on my MIDI device?

Great question! I wonder, can the MIDI controller be taught to “learn” the crossfade automation tool like it can volume, etc.?

BTW - wondering what the crossfade options in the drop down menu are lacking that you prefer to do it manually in your specific situation … ?

The problem is, that I have to do the crossfade in realtime with a single MIDI Controler :frowning:
So the standard crossfade menu is not what I’m looking for. I tried around with quick controls but I couldn’t figure out how to achieve a solution. Any ideas?

I don’t think there is a solution directly within Cubase… you can control two different parameters from the same external fader, by setting up a separate Generic Remote Device for each, but, in this particular case, you also need to invert the direction of one of them :wink:.
(well, there is a convoluted workaround… you’d have to use a MIDI track, invert the incoming fader with the Input Transformer (function “Mirror”, value 64), then output that MIDI track to LoopMIDI or similar, and set the input of the Generic Remote to the loop return.
(maybe more trouble than it’s worth! :smiley: )

im just chucking this out there…Basti, are you trying to do a DJ mix with Cubase???

should be easy enough to set up, but you will need to configure 2 different response to midi controller. Haven’t done it personally though just guessing.

You can even set Cubase to sync to Tempo change via midi controller too. That is fun.


same quetsion from Basti in the german froum answer from Loopbreaker

Crossfade two Audiotracks via MIDI Controller

2 Stereo Audiotrack ( Pan one left/one right)
Quadro-Gruppen-Spur with Faderratic insert , route all to a
Stereo Grouptrack to output…


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