Crossgrade for Nuendo 12 with Ableton


I saw that there are now discounts for buying Nuendo 12 until September 7th. I wanted to ask if anyone knows how the procedure for obtaining a discount for Crossgrade for Nuendo 12 with Ableton 10 goes. Namely, what is needed to provide a discount if I have Live 10 Suite (Push Bundle) installed through my personal account: what information should I show on the screenshot, how many days the discount consideration takes and how long will this discount be valid.
As far as I understand, if I purchase Nuendo 12 through this program, I will still be able to use my old Ableton 10?

This webpage contains information on how the crossgrade procedure works:

You usually have to provide some proof that you own a competitive product. When I crossgraded from Finale to Dorico, a scan of the invoice was sufficient and the verification process only took about an hour. However, the above page mentions it can take up to 3 days.
You keep your Ableton 10 license, i.e. there’s no need to surrender it.


Thanks, Martin, for the answer :slightly_smiling_face: I recently read this article. Now it remains to find out what information from Ableton’s personal account I need to display on the screenshot as confirmation that I have a current DAW license and how many days the crossgrade confirmation is valid.