Crossgrade from Absolute Collection

uh … I’m an owner of AC 4 and waiting for Halion 7. When I see the update price from AC3 to 5 and maybe the update price for AC6 with Halion 7 is the same, it doesn’t make sense to upgrade. Why? I’m not a fan of BackBone, unneeded “thing” for me.
So hopefully there will be an upgrade from AC4 or Halion 6-AC4-Bundled to Halion 7. When not, it’s time to say goodbye …

After getting Absolute, I think I made a mistake. I only use Halion.

When Halion 7 comes out, I don’t know if I’ll be able to update just that while it’s still inside of Absolute.

I think you can, but I think upgrading bundled items a la carte is going to be monetarily wasteful. Depending on how “impatient” you are, you can really end up paying hundreds more doing that.

I got Komplete 13 after I got Absolute 4, but upgraded it to 5 because I assumed Steinberg would move recently released products over. Obviously, that was a mistake…

Very unlikely I will upgrade Absolute, and I certainly won’t be upgrading individual components are this will still leave most of the libraries non-portable.

Once WaveLab 11.5/12 hits, the dongle will be done for me. Absolute can GTFO my machine, AFAIC.